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Co-pilot: Suggest interview kit questions
Co-pilot: Suggest interview kit questions

Get suggestions on questions to ask during an interview

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Start by activating the Interview kits feature. Under Settings → Recruitment → Co-pilot → Job ad creation, toggle on Suggest interview kit questions:

When adding an interview kit in the Evaluation step of creating a job, Co-pilot can suggest questions for any skill or trait added. It does so based on the current skill/trait along with the job title and description.

It will suggest 3 questions per skill or trait of which you can choose which ones you want to use or remove. Co-pilot prioritizes reusing existing questions in your account before creating new ones. Note that the questions are not saved until you save the interview kit.

💬 If you are using Career sites in multiple languages it will generate the answers based on the chosen job ad language in the job.

If not it will use the company's career site language chosen under Settings → Content / Career site → Language.

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