For your pontential future candidates who might not be ready to apply for a job yet, we created Connect. With Connect, the candidate can tell you that they're curious in your company, and which department, role and location they're interested in, as well as subscribe to future job openings per their choice, and you'll have a (potentially amazing) addition to your candidate bank. Win-win! 🏆

So in short, you could say that this is our take on spontaneous applications. Read more about Connect here

Set up Connect

To ensure the quality on your connected candidates, take a few minutes to set up Connect. This structure is also shown on your career site. Only Company Admins can set the structure for Connect.

1. Departments & Roles

Add your company's Departments. To add a new Department, click + New department. Then, to make your job listings and your connected candidates profiles even more defined, add the Roles within the department. To add a new Role, click + New role.

📖 Learn more about how to set up your Department & Roles here.

2. Locations

Next up, add your Locations. This allows your candidates to show you where they are interested in working. To add a new Location, click + New location and enter the address. 

📖 Learn more about how to set up your Locations here.

3. Questions

Make sure to find out what you want to know about each candidate from the very beginning by asking Connect questions. To make it manageable for you, we've made the questions in three levels; General connect questions, Department questions and Role questions. 

Connect questions

Set up questions you want all candidates to answer, independent on what department/role they are interested in. It might be something you're always curious about, or a skill that's always important for you. 

Under Setting→Connect, you add these questions. 

Department questions

Secondly, add questions that are related to a specific department. Whenever a candidate connects with that department, he/she will get to answer that question. 

You add these questions by going to Settings→Departments and then to the specific department, and see the Connect questions.

Role questions

Thirdly, you can add question related to a specific role within a department. Take the opportunity to find out if the candidate has the skills necessary for the role. 

Add these questions by going to Settings->Departments, to the specific Department and click on the specific role. 

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