Different positions require specific talents, use Interview scorecard to find candidates that matches your criteria. 

Adding the criteria

When editing your new job you'll find the Interview scorecard options in the last step when creating the ad. 

Simply click Add criterium and write the criterias you want for this specific job ad. Criterias you've used for jobs in the past will also be available to chose from.

Rating the candidate 

The different candidates that applied to your job posting can be rated using the criteria and skills that you chose while creating the job ad. The option to rate the candidate is found in the candidates profile under Scorecards.

If you've changed your mind about some of the ratings, don't worry! You can always edit your score under the candidates scorecard. 


All the recruiters with access to the job can see the candidates score in the job process. The different colored bars correlate to the Hiring teams complied scorecard reviews. 

Please note: as the scorecard are directly linked to the job in questions, you will only be able to add/edit it from that Job's view and not via the tab Candidates. 

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