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What is an Interview kit?

When hiring new talent, you will most likely want to meet the candidates for one (several) interview(s). By creating interview kits, the hiring team will be aligned regarding the skills and traits you're looking for in your new colleague, and how to conduct the interview.

This helps you give all candidates a fair recruitment process and keep communication with your team smooth. The better the communication and alignment internally, the better the candidate experience. Win-win!

Set it up

As a company admin, head over to your Add on features to enable this feature, then proceed to the configuration:

You can create as many interview kits and customize them to your needs. If you haven't created any interview kits, start off by clicking + New interview kit

Name and Instructions

Start by giving the kit a name, and the instructions you want the team members to see. You might want to use different kits for different roles and/or stages of the process, so make sure to name them in a clear and structured way 💡

You can keep your interview kits even more organized by grouping them with tags.

Skills and traits

Next, add the skills and traits that are important for the role, which you want to evaluate with this interview kit.

You can select existing skills and traits from the drop down menu, or create new under +Add a skill or trait.

Skills will be marked in blue, and Traits in purple.


What do you want to ask the candidate? The next step is to add the questions you want to ask during the interview, based on the Skills and Traits chosen for this job.

You can also add questions that are unrelated to a Skill or Trait, for example, questions about the candidate's salary expectations:

Add Interview kits to the job process

When you have the interview kit set up, add it to the job in question. In the job creating/editing process, go to the step Evaluation and Add the kits you want to use for this process:

Once added, you'll see the option to attach this interview kit to a certain stage of the process. The kit will then be pre-selected, when scheduling an interview with the candidate in that stage.

Attaching an interview kit to a stage is especially useful if you're planning on using multiple kits in the same job.

Add and view Interview kit feedback

If a candidate applies to a job containing interview kits, these will automatically be added to the candidate's profile under the tab Interviews. This is where you add the feedback.

If you're not ready to publish your interview feedback, you can save it as a draft that only you can see. You can also continue to work on that interview feedback later, from any computer.

In the list of interviews you will see a small badge that indicates that the interview feedback is saved as a draft.

Any added feedback, from your team or your self, will be displayed on the left hand side of the profile, under Interview feedback.

Why can’t I see my colleagues feedback?

When you schedule a meeting, you will see the option to connect an interview kit to the interview, and decide who should leave feedback once the interview is completed. Like so:

If you’ve been asked to leave feedback after joining an interview with a candidate, you have to submit your own feedback before you can see a team member's answer. This is to help reduce biased recruitment!

So, if you see this 👇 it’s because you need to add your interview kit feedback first.

You can easily do so by clicking Leave feedback:

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