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How to approve or reject a Requisition
How to approve or reject a Requisition

Take action on a requisition

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Please note that this is an enterprise feature. Reach out to your contact person at Teamtailor or to for more information.  

If you are a person in one of the approval flows, you will be asked to take action on the requisition. You will be notified by email and with a notification in the app. Upon clicking the link in the email or the notification you will be taken through to the requisition page. 

Once you’ve received a request to approve/reject a requisition we suggest you to read through the requisition request. If it is suitable, hit approve and the flow will move on to the next step. You’re done. If you want to reject the requisition, click “no I don’t approve”. This will give you a window where you need to give details on why you rejected the requisition. This rejection notification and feedback will be sent to the person who created the requisition, and they will then be able to edit the requisition to incorporate the feedback and re submit it to be approved. Once re submitted the flow will start from the beginning. 

If the flow being used has “allow this step to be editable” turned on, you will also be able to make changes to the approval flow at this point. For example, if you know the person in step 2 is away on parental leave, you can change that person for another person. 

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