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☝️ Please note that this article refers to the default Scorecards that are automatically available before you've activated the Interview kit feature.

Different positions require specific talents, use Scorecards to assess candidates based on personality and skills.

Adding the criteria

In the edit mode of the job ad or job template, you'll find the Interview scorecard options:

Simply click Add criterium to pick a new criteria from the drop down list, or start typing to add a new one:

Rating the candidate 

To fill in your Scorecard on a candidate, click on the candidate profile and go to the Scorecard tab:

Press + Add score to assess the candidate between 1-5 on each Personality and Skill:

Once it's filled in, you will find your own (and your colleague's) feedback under the candidate's personal information:

If you've changed your mind about some of the ratings, don't worry! You can always edit your score under the Scorecards tab:


Users with access to the job can see the candidate's score in the job process. The different colored bars correlate to the Hiring teams compiled scorecard reviews: 

If you can't see any scorecard on the candidate profile, it's most likely because:

1. The candidate has not been added to a job
2. The job that the candidate has been added to, does not have any scorecard yet:

In the Activity feed on the candidate's profile, you'll see who has filled out the Scorecard so far. Go to the Scorecard drop down as described above, to view your colleague's scores:

Good luck! 🥳

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