With today's candidate-centric market, recruitment is more relationship driven than ever. Building and maintaining a strong talent pipeline leads to a more successful (and effective) recruitment. Build and nurture relationships with your candidates today, and fill your pipeline with awesome talent for tomorrow! 


Candidate nurture campaigns should be a part of your recruitment process. Candidate nurturing is a process designed to attract, engage and convert your passive candidates! And of course, we make this a smooth experience for both you and your candidates 💌 

A Nurture campaign consists of Email touchpoints and Wait time in between the emails, and can be activated for specific candidates segments.

Please note! Nurture is only available for your companies admin users.

Set up Nurture 

This is an Add-on feature, so start by enabling it if you haven’t done so already. Once activated, you will see the tab called Nurture in your main menu. Click here to see your campaigns, and create new ones. 

Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign, click + Nurture campaign

A campaign consists of Email touchpoints and Wait time in between the emails, and you can completely tailor the campaign for specific candidate segments. 

Email touchpoint

An email touchpoint is the point of contact with the candidate and consists of outbound emails in the campaign. 

Click ✉️ Add email touchpoint to add an email in your campaign. Set the subject, sender (any user in your system), sending time* and email body. 

*all emails will be sent in the company's time zone. Check yours under SettingsGeneral. 

You choose if you want to send the email as a plain text or branded email. The plain text email is sent without any formatting, and the branded includes your logo and colors. Here you can see the difference between these emails:

Wait time

The wait time is the time between the email touchpoints and can be set from 1-100 days. Click 🕓 Add wait time and select the time you want to lapse in between the emails. 

Campaign details

Once you've built your Nurture campaign, set up the Campaign details

The campaign ends once all emails have been sent, but of course, your candidates can exit it sooner. Decide how your candidates exit your campaign by adding Campaign exit options. Candidates always have the option to unsubscribe from your emails. 

The exit options are:

  • When a candidate applies for a job - if a candidate submits a job application, they are automatically removed from your campaign. 

  • When a candidate replies to any of the campaign messages - when the candidate replies to any of the email touchpoints, they are removed from the campaign.  

  • When a candidate connect with your company - if any of the candidates in the campaign Connects with you, they are removed from the campaogn

Once you're all set with the campaign, go ahead and save it! When you save your campaign, it's automatically active. 

Please note! After you've saved your campaign, you're not able to add new email touchpoints or wait time, so make sure you're all set before saving.

Add recipients to your campaign

Once you've set up your campaign and made sure it's active, it's time to add your recipients! When you add a candidate to your active campaign,  the first email touchpoint will send according to the schedule. 

You can add candidates to your campaign via the Candidate tag, in two way:

1. Bulk add candidates 

To add several candidates at once, select the candidates (1), click the three dots ... (2) in the menu appearing at the bottom of the page and then Add to Nurture campaign (3). There, select the campaign in the drop-down (4)

Why not use your Candidate segments to make it even easier for yourself? 

2. Add one candidate

You can also add one candidate at a time, by opening up the candidate card. There, click the three dots on top of the card ... (1) and Add to Nurture campaign and then select the campaign (3).

Manage your Nurture campaign

All created campaigns are listed under the Nurture tab. Here you will see the campaign and its status (active, paused or archived) as well as some insightful statistics.

The statistics overview include:

  • Total candidates: refers to the number of candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.

  • Emails sent: is the number of emails sent to candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.

  • Meeting booked: refers to the number of meetings sent to candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.

  • Job offers made: is the number of job offers sent to candidates in all/individual nurture campaigns.

  • Candidates hired: is the number of hired candidates that belong to any nurture campaigns.

For each individual campaign, you can aslo see:

  • Entries: the number of candidates you've added to a specific campaign

  • Exits: the number of candidates that exited a campaign.

  • Active: displays the total number of active campaign recipients.

  • Touchpoints: the total number of email touchpoints the specific campaign consists of.

  • Open rate: refers to the ratio between the number of emails opened and the number of emails sent by candidates within a campaign.

  • Candidates hired: is the number of hired candidates that belong to this specific campaign

Open a specific campaign to see all campaign Recipients. Under Schedule, you see the campaigns schedule. Note that you can't edit the schedule after you've created the campaign. 

Manage campaign recipients 

By going to one of your Nurture campaigns, you will see all its recipients. Here you see the name of the candidate, the campaign status of the candidate, which touchpoint is coming up and when the email is going to send. You can also Pause and Remove candidates from the list. 

Pausing a candidate means they are temporarily removed from the email campaign, but can re-activate them whenever you want. 

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