There are many benefits to using Call to action (CTA) buttons. CTA button text is also customizable within Teamtailor, allowing you to attract the attention of your visitors 🤩

You can add a CTA button to your career page, department page and campaign page. To add one, press the + button at the bottom left of the Content editor sidebar. 

Adding the Call to action block will give you several options, and will allow you to choose the purpose of the button. It's a good way to convert visits to specific pages, prompt visitors to connect and even increase traffic to your blog. 

Get more job applications - This alternative will let you choose one of your jobs and let you redirect visitors to the actual ad, or even directly to the job application form.

Get more connects - As simple as the text suggests, this will allow visitors to connect with your company.

Show a department - Choose one of your department pages that you want the button to lead to.

Show your employees - This button will redirect visitors to the /people page, and show off your amazing employees.

Increase traffic to your blog - This option will redirect visitors to your blog on Teamtailor.

Increase traffic to a page - You can choose a lead page, or a campaign page that you want visitors to be redirected to.

Redirect visitors to a custom URL - Here you can insert a link, such as a link to an external page outside of Teamtailor.

Here is an example of how CTA can look like. Use them wisely 🌟

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