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Using the Review feature is a great way to give your candidate a rating that in itself isn't tied to a specific role. 

All the ratings that you give the candidates using the review feature are overall ratings for the candidate. You could think of it as a rating based on how good of a fit the candidate is for your company. It can be good to keep this in mind as the same candidate profile is the same when the candidate has applied to several jobs. 

The review feature is found on the left-hand side of the candidate card. To add a review simply click on Reviews and select a star rating. When posting a review you also have the option to leave a comment. Leaving a comment that describes why you think the candidate deserves that rating can be a good idea because recruiters in other processes will be able to see this rating as well. 

💡 When a candidate has received several ratings from different recruiters the overall rating is summarized above the candidate's name. In this case, you see the average of one 5-star rating and two 4-star ratings.

The candidate rating is also visible when in the Candidates view. The ratings can be used when filtering candidates and when applying filters in a job process as well. 

💡 In this example, the applied filter looks for any candidate with a 4 or 5-star rating.


The different star ratings between 1-5 have a default set of descriptions. You can edit the description for each rating by going to Settings→Recruitment→Ratings.

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