It's no secret that unconscious bias plays a part in too many recruitment processes. Recruiters form an opinion about the candidate based on facts that shouldn't matter. Let's fight unconscious bias in recruitment together, using our feature for Anonymous candidates!

The anonymous mode can be enabled in any stage of your hiring process. When you do this, the system will mask their personal information related to your candidates when they are in that stage. 

View an anonymous candidate

When a candidate lands in a stage that has been anonymous, the system will mask personal info. That way you will be able to focus on the candidates qualities, rather than other less important factors. 

All personal data will be blurred out, and the candidates name is replaced with a unique and anonymous pseudonym. By using a combination of a colors and animals, you will still be able to refer to the specific candidate! "Did you get a chance to view Cornflower Platypus' profile?" for example. 

CV is anonymised

If a candidate uploads a CV to his/her profile, their personal info will also be masked. The system will block out the candidate's name, and email address, and all images will be hidden.

❗ Please note that the CV is only masked in the preview container of the candidate’s profile. If you download the document or open it in another tab, the personal data is revealed.

Other candidate/internal documents are not anonymised, included the content of the document and the file name. When you open these document (by downloading/opening in another tab) personal data, if any, might be revealed. Note that this also includes documents from previous applications.

Revealing the candidate

When the time is right, you can move the candidate from an anonymous to a non-anonymous stage. When you do this, the hidden data will automatically be revealed.

Set it up

You enable the anonymous mode in any step of your recruitment process by toggeling the feature on. It's as easy as that! All candidates placed in that stage will automatically be anonymized. 

Select anonymous mode on a stage

You can enable this from anywhere you can edit your stage, such as under Stages when you create/edit the job. Here, click the little mask and toggle it on. 

Another way to enable the anonymous mode is to go straight to the job's recruitment process. Navigate to the stage in questions and open the Stage options (...). Here, toggle anonymous mode on. 

❗ The anonymous mode is only available in your jobs, under the tab Jobs. These candidates will still be displayed with their personal information visible when looking through your candidate bank (under the tab Candidates). 

Heads up - when you enable the anonymous mode on the Inbox stage of your recruitment process, the candidate will be see a gentle notification when submitting their application. Nice, right?

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