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Partner: Checkr (Background checks)
Partner: Checkr (Background checks)

Automatically perform background checks with Checkr and Teamtailor

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Checkr’s advanced background check technology helps companies bring transparency and fairness to hiring. Together, Teamtailor and Checkr increase productivity and operational efficiency by allowing users to trigger background checks from within Teamtailor. With Checkr, you can automatically put the right background check disclosure and authorization forms in front of candidates. This will help you to stay compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

Getting started

To enable the integration between Checkr and Teamtailor, you start by activating it from our Marketplace page. Head over to Marketplace→Checkr and click Activate.

The Checkr authentication popup will ask you to grant permissions for Teamtailor. Click Sign in with Checkr.

Set up the workflow in Teamtailor

The candidate is automatically sent to the Checkr via a Trigger which you add to a stage in the recruitment process.

To add the Trigger, go to the stage where you want the event to happen. There, click the magic wand at the right-hand side, Triggers and add it to the stage you want by clicking the Add trigger.

Select the Checkr trigger and fill in the short configuration form and you are all set! Now, every time you move a candidate to this stage they will be immediately be sent to Checkr.

Move candidate when complete

You can make sure the candidate is automatically moved forward in the process when the reference check is done. To set this up, simply check the option for "Move candidate when complete" and pick the stage. When Checkr finishes the background check - the candidate will be moved to the selected stage.

💡 Why not move the candidate from "Check references" over to "References done" to automate your recruitment process even more?

Manually send the candidate

You will have the option of manually sending the candidate to Checkr at any point during the recruitment process. To do so, go into the candidate page, click three dots on top, then go to the integrations panel and choose Checkr

Checkr integration workflow

After you enable the integration and the triggers in your Teamtailor account you're ready to start working!

Send the candidate's data to Checkr

Every time the candidate hits the stage where the trigger is set, or you manually trigger this action, we will send the candidate data over to the Checkr. The candidate will then receive an email invitation from Checkr to accept the background check.

To create a candidate in Checkr, the only required field is email. There are additional fields that can be added, which depends on the report selected.


  • If the Report's package includes any criminal check, ssn and zipcode can be added.

  • If requesting a Motor Vehicle Report, Checkr requires driver_license_number. Also driver_license_state can also be sent over if available.

  • For US candidates the city and state fields need to be filled, otherwise, you will receive an error.

The additional fields need to be added via the Custom fields settings in your Teamtailor account. HERE is a great article about creating and using custom fields!

Depending on the fields you need, make sure that the 'Field Title' / 'Field API names' of the customer fields have one of the following values:

  • ssn

  • zipcode

  • driver-license-number

  • driver-license-state

  • previous-driver-license-number

  • previous-driver-license-state

  • dob

  • country

  • state

  • city

In case you need to edit 'Field API name' you can click on the custom field, then click 'Show API settings', and click 'edit'.

If you choose a report for the candidate, and there's a lack of any required custom fields you will see an error with the list of the missing fields. If this happens, you can just fill in the missing fields and wait up to 1 hour as we will try to resend this report again. You can also send it once again manually.

After successfully creating a report you will see the status on the candidate view with the link to preview the candidate on Checkr.

After Checkr finishes the background check, the status automatically updates to Completed and the summary.

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