With the possibility to automatically remove candidate's data after they meet a set of criteria, you can ensure that your database is not filled with candidates you don't have a clear purpose of storing. Automate your compliance! 

Set it up

To enable automatic candidate deletion, head over to Settings→Automatic data deletion. Here you will find the four different parameters for deleting the candidate's data. You can choose to work with as many options as you see fit. 

To enable a specific parameter, toggle it on and select the time frame. The time frame tells you when a candidate will be scheduled for automatic deletion.  

The set up of automatic deletion will run on every single candidate, and once the candidate is deleted you will not be able to restore their profile. We therefore recommend you talking to your legal team when setting this up, to make sure all is in order. 

Delete inactive candidates 

An inactive candidate is a candidate profile without any activity during X amount of days. An activity is any type of action taken by you or the candidate (including sending messages, writing notes, moving the candidate in the process, rating, etc). Note that automatic Connect emails aren't counted as an activity. 

Delete rejected job applications

This option will delete only the Job application record along with related data such as Notes, Messages, Interviews, Todos, etc – but keep the basic profile provided by the candidate (personal information, CV, answers to questions from Connect).

💡 the data listed as Job data is removed and the rest of the candidate's profile is saved.

Delete candidates without active purpose

A “purpose” is defined as a) Applied to a job b) Connected and c) provided “Future jobs consent”. This setting will flag candidate for deletion they don’t meet any of these 3 criteria.

Sourced and referred candidates added to a job are counted as having an active purpose.

Delete candidates who submit removal requests

A candidate can at any time request to be removed from your candidate bank. Decide if you want to automatically remove them after X amount of days. 

GDPR: Delete candidates with missing or expired permission

If a candidate is marked as permission missing or expired permission, you can choose to automatically delete the candidate. Note that this option only is available if the GDPR settings have been enabled on your account. 

Your candidates will only be flagged with one deletion parameter, even if they qualify for several. This will be the first parameter met by the candidate. If you choose to clear that delete reason (by following the steps under Keep the candidate in this article), another deletion parameter might apply.

How it works

When you enable this feature, you decide how long the candidate's data will be stored after meeting the criteria for automatic deletion. After the allowed time has passed, the system will notify you that a candidate is flagged for deletion. When a candidate profile is flagged, it will be deleted one week later. This means you have one week to take action if you want to keep the candidate's data (more on that below). 

Example: According to these settings you see above, candidates are scheduled for deletion if they haven't had any activity in 90 days. Once 90 days has passed, the system will flag the candidate for deletion. One week later, the candidate will be automatically removed and can't be restored.

Flagged for deletion

When the candidate is flagged for deletion, this will be displayed in several places in the platform.  

Candidate card

You will see a warning at the top left-hand side of the candidate card. This will tell you in how many days the candidate will be deleted, as well as the reason for the deletion. 

Tag in candidate bank + filter

In your candidate bank, you will also notice a Deleting in x days tag next to the candidates flagged for deletion. You will also see a Deleting soon filter, which allows you to find all candidates flagged for deletion at the same time. 

Data privacy digest

In the daily data privacy digest sent to your GDPR managers, you will see a summary of all candidates flagged for deletion, and when they will be deleted.

Data privacy widget in the dashboard

In your Teamtailor dashboard, you can choose to add a Data privacy widget. In this widget, you will see if you have any candidates scheduled for deletion. Clicking Will be deleted will take you to a list of all candidates flagged for deletion. 

Keep the candidate?

If a candidate is flagged for deletion, and you for some reason want to keep this profile, this is what is required for the different delete parameters. 

Inactive - preform an action in the candidate's profile. An example of this could be to write a note saying "I want to keep this profile".

Rejected candidates - if the candidate belongs to a process where they are not rejected, the candidate won't be removed. So, add the candidate profile to a new job process or unreject him/her in an old one to stop the scheduled deletion. 

Removal requested - a candidate can at any time request to be removed if they no longer wants to you store their data. If you for any reason need to keep this candidate's data, click the Dismiss warning button you see in the candidates profile. This candidate's removal request will now be ignored and their profile won't be automatically deleted.

GDPR - collect the permission from the candidate, or click the "I have permission" button you find in the candidates profile.

"Panic button" - cancel all settings

When looking at your activated Automatic deletion settings, you might notice a blue information bar. This will appear as soon as you have one candidate that is flagged for deletion. If you click Show candidates it will take you straight to the list of these candidates. 

Don't delete these candidates

You can choose to click the blue button, saying Don't delete these candidates. By doing so you cancel all scheduled deletions and reset the settings. Please note that the prior settings can't be restored, so handle with care!

If you change the time frame settings?

If you change the settings for time frame for the automatic deletion this will not affect candidates that have been flagged for deletion (=will be deleted within one week). All other candidate profiles will be stored according to the new time settings.

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