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Partner: BambooHR (HR system)
Partner: BambooHR (HR system)

How to use integration with BambooHR

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By activating the BambooHR integration, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send candidates from Teamtailor to the BambooHR platform.

BambooHR is an HR software that collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle.

🆕 New improvement (Aug 2023) - The BambooHR integration now not only supports the transfer of resumes, but all candidate documents in Teamtailor. To enable this, make sure to create "Resumes and applications" as a default category in your Employee Files in BambooHR.

Getting started in Teamtailor

To enable the integration between BambooHR and Teamtailor, you connect your existing BambooHR account to Teamtailor through our Marketplace page. Head over to the marketplace in the Teamtailor application, search for BambooHR, and click Activate.

Add the requested credentials in the field and click on "Activate" to set up the integration.

This will open a pop-up window - which will allow you to log in directly to your BambooHR-account. Once you've done that - the connection has been made and the integration should be activated on your account!

Set up the workflow in Teamtailor

The Candidate is automatically sent to the BambooHR via a trigger you add to a stage in the recruitment process.

Fields sent to BambooHR

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