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Partner: TrustID (Background checks)
Partner: TrustID (Background checks)
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TrustID provides products and services that help organizations to electronically validate identity documents. Their validation solutions help their clients to comply with legislation and protect themselves against fraud and brand damage as a result of false identity claims.

Getting started

To enable the integration between TrustId and Teamtailor, you have to activate it from our Marketplace page. Head over to Marketplace→TrustId and click Activate.

You will need to enter TrustID credentials

Set up the trigger in Teamtailor

You can set up the TrustId trigger to background checks automatically to each candidate that reaches it.

To add the trigger, go to the stage where you want the event to happen. There, click the Trigger wand (1) and add it to the stage you want by clicking ✚ Add trigger (2). Here you select TrustId.

Trigger will send an email to the candidate

Once the background check will be completed you will see the updated status

You can set the trigger to move the candidate automatically once the Right to Work check is passed

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