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Implement a badge or banner widget on your website

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Use the Hiring widget to highlight that you’re looking for new colleagues. The purpose of this widget is to use it on any other site to encourage more traffic to your Teamtailor career site and job openings. How neat is that?

You find the widget settings by heading over to your account Settings→Integrations→Widgets, where you’ll find the Hiring option. This widget can be presented as a Badge or Banner.


The badge widget comes with a number and text option and can be put right next to an element on the intended page.

Create the widget by selecting the Badge option, and add the custom text you wish to use. In the examples above, one option is to add a number to indicate the number of open positions right now, or a text that says We’re hiring. Then, select what color you wish the badge to have.

Once you’re happy with the widget’s setup, all that’s left to do is copy the automatically generated codes and paste them into the content editor of the page where you want to add the widget.

The first code (the script), you will probably want to add to the <head> tag, and the second code (the span element) you place where you want the badge to appear.


You also have the option of adding a nice banner with a link to place on the external page of your choosing.

When creating a Banner, start by selecting this widget type. Adjust the color settings so they are in line with your brand. Then, add the text of the banner and include a link where the visitors will end up when clicking on the banner.

Once you’re happy with the banner you created, copy the automatically created code and paste it into the content editor of the page you wish to add the banner.

Please note that the Teamtailor team won’t be able to help you with the final installation of the widget on your external page, so if you have any questions on this we’d suggest you chat with the internal people that are in charge of your website.

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