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Let your candidates get personal in their applications
Let your candidates get personal in their applications

Use Additional candidate information and allow your candidates to ask themselves questions

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Get to know your candidates even better by letting the candidates ask themselves questions. Not only is this a great way for your candidate to show some personality, but it will also be a great conversation starter when you meet the candidates. And honestly, it also makes the application process more fun for the candidate. Let’s call it a win-win-win!

A Company Admin user needs to activate this feature in the Add-on feature center to get started

When you’ve enabled the feature, you have the option to include a form builder on your job postings. You’ll find the Additional candidate information in the Application stage when you create/edit a job posting.

When added, an interactive (and optional) question builder is included at the end of your application form. Here, your candidates can add little pieces of information that will make it easier for the recruitment team to get to know them.

What information can the candidate add?

Your candidate will have the option of getting personal by adding any of the following information:

💃 Song
Do you have a favorite song?

🦸‍♀️ Superpower

What is your superpower?

♥︎ Favorites

My favorite... Animal, Book, Color, Emoji, Food, Movie / TV Series, Quote, Idol, Planet, Travel destination

😂 Fun fact

Do you have a fun fact?

💬 Ask yourself
Type a question...
...and answer it

What will the recruiter see?

The recruiter will see these answers in the candidate’s profile under the Questions section, alongside the other questions/answers linked to the job.

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