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Analytics: Current pipeline
Analytics: Current pipeline

Get an overview of your current recruitment pipeline

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When viewing your Teamtailor Analytics, you can see the stats from your current pipeline. You can find this available in two locations: on your workspaces' analytics tab, offering an overview of all active jobs, and within the analytics section for each specific job posting, displaying only data for that particular job. This report is like a snapshot of the status of your pipeline right now. Therefore, any period filters will not be applied to this widget.

Current pipeline of all active jobs

Looking at the main analytics page in your Teamtailor account, you see the current pipeline overview of all your active jobs. The main analytics page is only accessible to your users with an admin access level.

This widget looks at all your active jobs, meaning all jobs with an active recruitment process (the jobs with the status published, unlisted, or expired).

Active jobs

The number of active jobs the report is looking at.

Total applications

The total number of applications in the active jobs combined.


The total number of rejected candidates in your active jobs.

Avg. time to fill

The average time (in days) it’s taken to fill the recruitment/hire candidates in your active jobs. This time metric is counted from when the job was first published until the candidates were hired.

Avg. time to hire

The average time (in days) it’s taken to hire candidates in your active jobs. This time metric is counted from when a candidate applied until they were hired.

Stage types

The total number of candidates in the different stage types in your active jobs processes.

Use job filters to get more relevant data

To get the relevant data for you, you can use job filters. That way you can see the current pipeline of the job that matches the filters you’ve applied.

💡 In the example above, you’re seeing the current pipeline of jobs posted in the Customer Support department only.

Current pipeline of a specific job

When viewing the analytics of a specific job, you will see the overview of that jobs pipeline. This report is accessible by all admin users, as well as all hiring team members. This report shows you exactly the same data points as listed above, with the only difference that it’s only exploring the statistics of that specific job.

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