With Analytics, you will be able gain complete insight and reports on all parts of your recruitment. Use this data to see how your team works together, and target your bets right!

On the first page, you will see the dashboard with an overview as well as a menu on your left hand side with more detailed reporting. Your Analytics dashboard are set up in three blocks; Audience, Recruitment, and Team. Click each report below to read more about that specific statistics. 

Audience - see where your visitors came from

Recruitment - get an overview of how your recruitment processes are going 

Team - see the activity of your team


By default, you will see the statistics from the last 30 days. You can change the period by clicking in the top right corner. Choose between the last 7, 30, 90 days or a specific time range to see your preferred time span.

Note! In the default periods, todays date is not included.

Select location, department, job

As an Admin user, you have access to your entire accounts statistics by going to the Analytics tab in the top menu. If you want to filter the statistics based on a specific Location, Departments, or Job, you can choose the filter of your liking in the top right. The statistics displayed reflects the filter added.

Export your reports

You have the option to export the report you're currently looking at. To do so,  click Export to download a .csv file. 

Deleted candidates

If you delete a candidate from your talent pool, all the candidate's info is will be permanently deleted. However, you will still see the ghost of the candidate in your analytics, with a Deleted candidate. 

Get deeper insights

To get deeper insights to your analytics, we've made integrations with Google and Facebook. This means you will be able to your Google Analytics and Tag manager account, and add your Facebook pixel right in to your Teamtailor account! Go to Settings->Facebook/Google to set this up! 

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