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Candidate chat – talk to your career site visitors
Candidate chat – talk to your career site visitors

How does the Candidate Chat work and why should we activate it?

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The Candidate chat is a great way to start talking to your candidates effortlessly and instantly. Make sure you're available for those dream candidates and don't risk losing them between your job ad and their application.

How does it work? 

The Candidate chat is shown as a circle at the bottom right corner of every page. You can also make the chat pop up accompanied with a gentle sound for the site visitor, which will increase the visibility of the chat and increase the number of responses.  

Set it up

As a company admin, start by heading over to your Add-on Features to enable this feature. Then go to Settings→Candidate chat. After doing so, the chat is available on your account.

The Candidate Chat is available as: 

  • A general chat for your career site that will show up on all pages (you always have the option to deactivate it for specific job ads). This can be activated under Settings→Candidate chat

  • A chat is activated for a specific job ad. You can activate the chat for a specific job, and customize the message and contact person for this chat.

When the visitor responds to your chat, you will be notified via email of your Messages that you can access in the top right corner of your Teamtailor dashboard.

The notifications are as follows: 

  • A candidate writes in the chat on your career site: All admins will be notified

  • A candidate writes in a specific job ad: The sender of the message + the hiring team will be notified. 

When a visitor has written in the chat, he or she will become a Lead and be visible under the tab Candidates. Communicate with your lead by clicking the notification or the name in Candidates, and then Message. 

If you miss the conversation, don't worry - the chat operator asks the visitor to leave his/her email so you can get back to them in your own time. 

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