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Getting started
Getting started

Learn the basics and get up to speed with your Teamtailor account

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Get started with TeamtailorTeamtailor Onboarding: A handy starter guide to set you up for success from your first day with Teamtailor.
Setting up Departments & RolesStart working with departments and roles in Teamtailor
Setting up Locations & RegionsRead more about how to set up locations on your Teamtailor account
Add-on featuresManage the features of your Teamtailor ATS and power up your workflow
Data & Privacy settingsAn overview of our Data & Privacy settings, to better understand how Teamtailor will help you comply with data protection laws.
Educate your users - training sessionsEmpower your users with knowledge through our training sessions.
Customize your dashboardTeam-tailor your Teamtailor dashboard
System requirements and supported web browsersThe web browsers Teamtailor supports
Integrate Teamtailor on your websiteDifferent ways of how you can integrate Teamtailor on your website
How to set up ConnectLearn how to set up your account foundation to ensure the quality of your connected candidates
Integrate the Career widgetPut a widget on any part of your website
Integrate the Job list widgetDisplay your jobs on your website
Slack integrationGet your activities directly into Slack
Checklist: Before publishing your jobs on external job boardsEnsure your account is set up and ready for publishing your jobs externally
Default users guide to TeamtailorAn overview of Teamtailor for a user with the access level Default users
Localize the Teamtailor experienceWe help create a seamless and personalized Teamtailor experience for your users and candidates, tailored to their preferred language.