If you would like to update a Candidates Card, simply access that candidate's card either from a specific job, department, or the Candidate view tab and click the (...) symbol in the upper right-hand corner of their card

Once you have done so, you can edit the different fields accordingly. 

For example:

  1. You can edit basic info such as the candidate's name and email, or you can add additional contact details, or even a profile photo of the candidate

2. You can update the candidate's pitch
3. Update the candidate's location
4. Edit the answers they originally gave for the application questions
5. Update their cover letter or in this case, cover letters 

When you are done, click save and the new or edited information will appear in the candidate's card. Once you edited a candidate's information, you will not be able to retrieve the old information. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant of what fields you are editing. 

Hopefully this article was helpful. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at support@teamtailor.com 😃

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