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Editing a candidate's card
Editing a candidate's card

Update the information in your candidate’s profiles

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If you would like to update a candidate profile, simply access that candidate's card either from a specific job, department, or the Candidate view tab. Here, click the (...) symbol in the upper right-hand corner of their card

Once here, you can edit the different fields. Let’s look at some details, shall we? 

Personal information

You can edit basic info such as the candidate's name and email, or you can add additional contact details or even a profile photo of the candidate

Pitch and CV

If needed, you are also able to edit the candidate’s pitch* as well as attach a new CV to their profile.

* The candidate has the option of adding/updating their pitch when connecting with your company


You are able to manually update the Internal/Sourced status of the candidate. You can learn all about the candidate’s statuses here.


Your candidates will automatically belong to your different locations, depending on what job they’ve applied for or their preferences (added when they Connect). When editing their profile, you are able to update the location settings for the candidate.

Edit answers/Cover letter

Lastly, you have the option of updating the information added by the candidate.

Keep in mind! Changing information in the candidate’s profile will change the information left by the candidate and should only be done if you have valid reason to (such as after being in contact with the candidate). Instead of you updating, we recommend you connect with the candidate so they can edit their application on their own before you start managing the process. For internal notes/comments, use the Note section of the candidate’s profile.

When you are done, click save and the new or edited information will appear on the candidate's card. Once you edit a candidate's information, you will not be able to retrieve the old information. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant of what fields you are editing. 

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