When the candidate is no longer active in the process, it's time to Reject the candidate. This will move the candidate away from active candidates, send an automatic email (if you want) and add to your statistics report. This is how you do it!  

Rejecting a candidate

To reject the candidate, go to the candidate's profile. At the bottom of this page, you will see Reject or Quick reject

When a candidate is rejected, the profile will be moved to Rejected candidate in the process. 


When rejecting a candidate, you will be asked to select the reason for the rejection and if you want to send an automatic reject message. Read more about Reject reasons here!

If you want to send an automatic reject email, check Yes and choose the message template you want to use, or customize the message. Then, select the delay in which you want to send the message. Click Reject with/without email to reject the candidate. If you included a message, it will be sent now. 

Quick reject

The Quick reject allows you to reject the candidate with a pre-set rejection reason and email in a specific stage, without filling out the "reject form". In order to use it, add it to the stage in questions.  

To add a Quick reject to a stage in your process, click on the Settings wheel (1) on the right-hand side of that stage and then on Quick reject (2). Here, you fill in the rules that will be used for this stage. 

When you're using Quick reject for a stage, you see a little stop sign right above it. By hovering over it, it will show you the reason, email, and delay settings.

Reject several candidates at once

You can reject several candidates at once, using the Bulk feature. To do this, just click Bulk and mark the candidates you want to reject. Then, in the menu appearing at the bottom, click (...)->Reject

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