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How to reject candidates

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When the candidate is no longer active in the process, it's time to Reject the candidate. This will move the candidate away from the active job process, send an automatic email (if you want), and add to your statistics report. This is how you do it!  

Rejecting your candidates

When rejecting your candidate, you will see one or two options: Reject and Quick reject*.

*When rejecting your candidate, there are two possible options: Reject and Quick reject. The second option needs to be enabled. You will find the instructions below.


When rejecting a candidate, you fill out a short reject form that consists of the following:

  • Reject reason: select the reason for the rejection

  • Reject message: choose if a reject message via email should be sent as you reject the candidate

  • Template: if you want to use one of your message templates when rejecting the candidate, you select it from this list

  • Delay: decide if you want the reject message to be sent with a delay

  • Customize message: you also have the option of sending a completely customized reject email to the candidate

💡 In the example above, the candidate would be rejected with the reject reason Lacking desired qualifications. A reject message will be sent directly, and the message will use the Default Reject email template.

Quick reject

Quick reject is a feature that can be added at any stage within a job to optimize the rejection process. This will allow you to reject candidates with predefined reject options to save time.

To set it up, click on the three dots (...) on a stage within the job process, and here Quick reject. Choose the reject reason and decide if you want to send a reject message or not, once you are finished click on Save settings. When it’s time to reject, you can simply click on Quick Reject when opening a candidate profile, and then the candidate will be rejected based on this setup.

If Quick reject is set up for a stage, you will see a little 🚫 next to the three dots. By hovering over it, it will preview the chosen setup.

💡 In the example above, the Quick reject option will be visible on all candidates in the Inbox stage. Using it will reject the candidates using the reject reason Lacking relevant experience and a reject email will be sent with a 3h delay.

Reject several candidates at once

You can reject several candidates at once, using the Bulk feature. To do this, just activate the bulk selector in the top right corner and mark the candidates you want to reject. Then, in the bottom menu appearing, click (...) → Reject

Who is the sender of the reject message?

When you reject the candidate with an email, this will be sent from either the main recruiter in the job or yourself. This is how this logic works:

1. Recruiter manager

When you use an email template (1) the sender of this email will be the main recruiter of the job. This goes for all email templates meaning the Default reject message for that job, or any other template added.

2. You / The user that clicks 'Reject'

If you customize the message (2) before sending, the user who clicks 'Reject with email' will be the sender. Note that just clicking Customize message, is enough to change the sender even if you don't change any of the content in the email.

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