How do I create a page?

What's a page and why should I create one?

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Pages allow you to create a site and use it however you want. You can select different types of targets for your Call-to-action, and modify the purpose and goal of the site.
The sky is the limit with this one, and we can’t wait to see how creative you are! 🎉

Create a page by clicking Content in the main menu and the plus icon in the top right corner. 

How can I use Pages?

Use it as a landing page for an online campaign. Use Promote for your page and reach your target groups and make sure to welcome them with a site that speaks to them. 

Create a page only for students. Let students know that you want them to Connect to you with a page created only for them, leading to a Connect button. That way you can nourish that contact, and when they are ready to work, they will come to you. 

Add a page to your career site. Create a page that has some extra information that you would like to your add to your career site. Create the site → Add a CTA block to your career site → Add your newly created page as the target URL. Done!

Create lead pages and target the hard-to-reach candidates.

How do I change the metadata? 

Hover over the page, and click Settings. Here you will have plenty of options, such as altering the URL of the page and changing your SEO metadata.

How do I track my page? 

Tracking from your career page will be active on this page as well, making it possible for you to keep track of this page. If your page leads to a conversion on a job ad, you will see the page as a source in Analytics. 

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