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Account settings/edit your profile
Account settings/edit your profile

Learn how to edit your account settings as well as your employee profile that is visible on the career site

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In this article, you can learn about the different settings you see when editing your Teamtailor account.

Account settings



Account email

This is the email address you use when signing in to your account. You're not able to update your account email if your company has enabled Single Sign On.

Email signature

Edit the email signature which is automatically attached to the end of the emails you send from Teamtailor.
💡 Add basic HTML code to customize your signature.


Set the language used inside the app for your user.

Time format

Set the format times are displayed in the app (12/24h clock)

Time zone

Set the time zone you’re working in.

Cookie preferences

View and edit your cookie preferences.

Edit your profile

Everybody wants to know more about their potential future coworkers so let's make sure they know who you are, by editing your employee profile. This is the profile that is displayed on your career site.

If you’re not seeing your profile on your career site, it might be so that you don’t have a public profile. Ask a company admin for confirmation if this is the case.

To edit your profile, head over to your Profile settings. This is accessed by clicking on the top right of the tool. Here, you click Edit profile.

In your profile, you will see a few different tabs. Let's go through them one by one below. Any field that is left empty will not be displayed on the career site:



Profile picture

Add your profile picture. If no picture is added, you will be represented by a small robot within the tool. Required for profile to be public.


Your name. This is displayed in multiple places inside the tool and on the career site. Required for profile to be public.

Career site email*

The email you want to be displayed on your profile on your career site. This is not necessarily the same as the email you use for logging in to Teamtailor.


The phone number you want to be displayed on your profile on your public profile


Your title

Career site department**

The department you belong to

Career site location**

The location you belong to


Let visitors know who you are by adding a short biography.

Social links

Add your social links

*a company admin can choose to limit the visibility of phone numbers and email addresses. So if you have added either one on your profile, but can’t see it on your career site, please confirm your settings with a Company admin.

** this is not only displayed on your profile, it will also mean you're displayed in a potentially added People block on the selected department/location page.

💡 Why not make sure your team uses the same format for your bio? The Support team at Teamtailor uses the same format, and we really like that! See mine, the article's author, for inspo here!

If you work with Multiple languages of your career site, you will be able to add translations of your profile too 🌐


Under notifications, you can edit your notifications preferences. Learn all about notifications here.


Connect your calendar and edit your calendar settings here. Learn all about the meetings tab in this article here!


Add Two-Factor Authentication on your login, to make your account even more secure.

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