It’s important to hire the right type of candidate and maintain an efficient recruitment process. A key to this is to ask the right type of questions at the right time, and in this article you’ll be able to see an overview of how to manage questions in your account, as well as which question types that is currently available.

Create a new question

First things first, there are two ways to create a question:

  1. As an admin user, head over to the Question manager located under Settings→Questions. Here you find the option to create questions that will be available for all users.

  2. When creating a new job, you also have the option to create a new question if it’s missing from the list of available questions. Note that any question added will be populated to the list of questions in the question manager.

Question types

When you create a new question, you start by deciding between 8 different question types. These are listed, with a short description in the table below.

Question type



Ex. Which languages do you speak?

Creates a list with options for the candidate to choose from. Check Allow multiple answers to make question multi-choice.


Ex. From what date are you available?

Creates a date picker that allows candidate can select a date.


Allows candidate to upload a file, will be added under the section called Candidate document in the candidates profile.


Answer form will only accept numbers


Answer will be between a set range. You decide the start and end value and the range.


Asks candidate to type in answer. Check Multi-line to permit a longer answer (meaning candidate can add row breaks).


Asks candidate to answer by recording/uploading a video. More on this here.


Simply ask the candidate to answer a yes/no question.

* these question types are always mandatory.

Question settings

After you have added the actual question you ask the candidate, you have the chance to add some more information.


You have the option of adding a short description to any question. This might be useful if the question needs some clarification or if you want to give more insight.

The description is displayed right under the question, like to the candidate:

💡 Use description for helpful hints/guidelines for your recruiters in Interview kits.

Make question private

If you’re dealing with more sensitive information, you have the option to make a question private. This means that the answer to the question will only be available/visible to the following users:

  • All admin users (Company Admin and Recruitment Admins)

  • A jobs Recruiter (the user set as the main recruiter in jobs where a candidate has answered a private question)

❗ Please note that the answers to private questions are only private when the candidate answers the question. If the question is used in an Interview kit and filled out by one of your users the answer will not be private.

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