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Setting up Locations & Regions
Setting up Locations & Regions

Read more about how to set up locations on your Teamtailor account

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Working with Locations in Teamtailor is a good way to organize your job postings. This applies to both the recruiters working in Teamtailor and the candidates applying for the different positions. 

To add a new location to your account simply head on over to Settings > Locations > +Location

To add a location you'll need to give it a name and an adress. Keep in mind that a lot of external channels require a job posting to have a location assigned to it which has a full adress. 

You can also add an email adress to the location this could be the info@-email for this specific location / office for an example. 

You can choose to make one of your locations your headquarters by clicking on the button This is our headquarters. This will be displayed on your careersite and be the default location that is visible when visiting your career site. If you want to add a location that shouldn't be visible on the career site you can do so by simply clicking on Do not show on career site.

The location on your career site will look something like this:

Custom Location name

All locations are presented with a name, and this is by default the city of the location added. However, you can also choose to assign your location a custom name. This would, for example, be a great way to separate locations in the same city.

When you create/edit your Location, you can set your custom name under the field for Location name as illustrated in the picture below:


You can categorize your locations in to Regions. Choose between one in the dropdown list, or create a new one.

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