When visiting your candidate bank (under Candidates), you will find Application status. Let's look closer at these ones and what they tell you đź‘€

Whenever you access your candidate bank, you see an immediate overview of this under Status. You will also be able to filter on this, if you check your Filters→Application status.

What does the different statuses/coloured circles mean?

  • Inbox (blue) - inbox is the stage a candidate's application land in when they first submit their application.

  • In process (gray) - in process is any custom stage which means the candidate are active in the recruitment process. These stages could contain anything from Reviewing, First Interview to Offered.

  • Hired (green) - a hired candidate is any candidate you dragged in to the stage Hired in a process.

  • Rejected (red) - when you reject a candidates application, they will be marked with rejected.

What is an application?

To clarify, an application means the candidate belongs to one of your recruitment processes, by either submitting the application themselves or being manually sourced in to the job.

A candidate can belong to several processes at once, which means they can have several application's statuses at once. Each status is presented with a number in the overview.

So, you might see something that looks like this ↓ This means the candidate Albin belongs to a total of four recruitment processes. He is in the inbox of two, in process in one, and has been rejected in the fourth.

Filter on application status

As mentioned, you are able to use the filters to find all candidates with a specific application status. Just click Filters and go to Application status.

đź’ˇ In this example here, you will find all candidates that has at least one application that is in the Inbox, but not In process. For this search, it doesn't matter if the candidates have an application that has been hired or rejected.

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