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Describing the process of deleting a candidate from the company account.

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In this article, you can learn about how to delete candidate/s from your company account. You have the option to delete one candidate at a time or you can bulk delete!

Note! Once you delete a candidate, the profile is immediately deleted from your company account and cannot be restored.

Deleting individual candidates

To delete one candidate, open the profile of the candidate. Here, click the three dots and to Edit. Here, you’ll find the option to click delete at the bottom-left.

Please note! Deleting a candidate will delete the entire profile from the candidate bank within your company account. It’s not possible to delete a candidate from one job. If you wish to remove a candidate from a job process, you should reject the candidate.

Deleting candidates in bulk 

You also have the option to delete several candidates in one go. To do so, access the Bulk selector and mark the candidates you wish to delete. In the menu that appears, click ... (3) and then Delete.

As a security precaution you’ll be asked to confirm the number of candidates you’re deleting, when you delete bulk candidates. State how many candidates you want to delete and confirm by clicking delete candidates.

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