If you have a candidate that you want to permanently delete from your candidate database, you need to access the Candidate view in your Teamtailor dashboard. After doing so, follow the steps below to delete the candidate. You have the option to delete one candidate at a time or you can bulk delete.  Additionally, you can delete a candidate directly from their Candidate Card.

Deleting individual candidates:

  1. If you don't already see the candidate under the list of candidates that appear under the  Candidate view, you can search for the candidate's complete name in the search bar

  2.  Here you can select the candidate you want to delete

  3. Click the  (...)  to see a list of options you can select from

  4.  Here you can delete the candidate

Deleting candidates in bulk: 

You also have the option to delete multiple candidates in one go.  The steps are much like before, simply selecting more candidates.

  1.  Select the candidates you would like to delete

  2.  Click the (...) symbol towards the bottom of the screen to select from a list of         options

  3.  Here you can delete the candidates

When you delete bulk candidates you will be asked to confirm how many candidates you are intending to delete:

  1. State how many candidates you want to delete

  2. Confirm by clicking delete candidates

Deleting a candidate directly from their Candidate Card

You can also delete a candidate by going directly to their Candidate Card

  1. Once you have accessed their Candidate Card, click the (...) in the upper right-hand corner of their card

  2. Select the edit option

Once you have done this step, you will see the editor view of the candidate's profile. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you will see delete candidate option. By clicking this button you permanently delete the candidate.

Now you know all the possible ways to delete a candidate 😃.  Please note that once you delete a candidate it is permanent, and cannot be undone. So it is important to make sure you have selected the correct candidates. 

Hopefully this article was helpful, if you have more questions you can contact us at support@teamtailor.com 😃

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