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Adding a candidate to another job
Adding a candidate to another job

What should I do when a candidate is suitable for many positions?

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When a candidate is suitable for one of your open positions, you can add the candidate to a different job. In this article, you'll learn how you can do that. 

To get started, please access the candidate card of the person you would like to add to another job. In the candidate's profile, find the ➕ at the top. This will allow you to add the candidate (source) to one of your job postings.

To remove the candidate from a job you simply need to reject the candidate. Once doing so the candidate will be moved to the reject tab under whatever stage you rejected the candidate at. 

Something worth noting is that when you move a candidate from one job to another, all the previous information recorded on the said candidate (eg. reviews, notes, message history, etc) will remain on the candidate's card.  Furthermore, the candidate will still remain in the previous jobs' recruitment process unless you manually choose to reject that candidate. 

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