Recruiting through employee referrals is one of the most important ways of finding the right employees for your company. Employee referrals are great proof that your employees are happy and that they want to spread the word about the company.

On your employee dashboard, you can either refer candidates to jobs or share them in your network to help your company find the best possible candidate for the job.

How an employee gets access to the Employee Dashboard

This requires you to have activated Auto-join or SSO on your account.

On the bottom of your career site, you'll see a space where your employees can create their accounts to get access to their Employee Dashboards. 

By filling out your email address, you will receive an invitation to your inbox in order for you to create a password and log in. The only email addresses that work, are the ones connected to your company. 

What happens once you log in?

You'll get an account with the role Default User. A Default User does not have access to the recruiting processes but can be invited to a Hiring Team to be a part of your recruiting.

What you will be able to do on the Employee Dashboard: 

  • See your current job openings

  • Share your jobs 

  • Refer people in their network to your company/jobs

💡 Working with the internal jobs feature and the Employee dashboard is a great match. This gives your employee a place to find and apply for your internal job postings. Just keep in mind that if this feature is enabled, all applications sent from the employee dashboard will be marked as Internal.

You give the employees a place dedicated to your open job postings and a place where they can recommend other people in their network quickly and effectively. This way you'll get more qualified candidates through your employees. 

If you want to read more about Referrals and how to refer candidates to jobs, feel free to read up on it here 🎉

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