Restricted candidates

Make it possible to restrict access to a candidate, either manually per candidate or automatically with Triggers

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Like happiness, recruitment is best when shared! However, sometimes (like at later stages in the process) the information on the candidate card might turn more sensitive, and not something all your team members need to see. For these cases, you can implement the feature for Restricted candidates.

When you restrict a candidate, the entire candidate profile will only be accessible by your Company admins, Recruitment admins, and the Recruiter of the job process/processes the candidate belongs to. The recruiter of the job needs to have the role Recruitment Lead as minimum to access the restricted candidate. Your hiring team members will see that the candidate still belongs to their process, but will no longer be able to view the information and/or communicate with the candidate.

A Company Admin user needs to activate this feature in the Add-on feature center to get started

There are several ways for you to restrict a candidate, let’s go through them one by one.

Manually restrict a single candidate

If you have one candidate you want to restrict access to, this is easily done directly on the candidate card. Click the at the top of the page and toggle Restrict access.

Manually restrict several candidates

Say you have several candidates you wish to restrict access to at the same time, you can do this in a matter of clicks with the bulk feature. To do so, enable the Bulk select (1), and select the candidates you want to restrict (2). In the bulk action menu, click the ... (3) to see more options, and here, you’ll find Set as restricted.

Automate candidate restriction with job stage trigger

You are also able to automate the candidate restriction by adding it as a Trigger. This means that every time you move a candidate to the stage in question, the candidate will automatically be restricted.

To activate this trigger, go to your job process and activate the Triggers view (1). Then, on the stage you wish to restrict candidates, click + Add trigger (2) and select the Restrict access trigger.

💡 In the screenshot above, all candidates moved into the Offered stage of the process will be restricted. This means only Admin and Recruitment Lead users with access to the candidates can view and interact with them, making it easier to discuss sensitive topics.

What happens when the candidate is restricted?

When restricting the candidate, their profile is restricted throughout your entire candidate bank. If the candidate belongs to several recruitments, their profile is restricted in all processes.

After a candidate has been restricted, the information is only accessible to users with the following user roles:

  • Company Admin

  • Recruitment Admin

  • Recruitment Lead (with access to the candidate)

These users will be able to view and interact with the candidate like normal.

To avoid confusion, it’s clearly stated in the platform that the candidate is restricted. This is displayed both in the job overview with the Restricted access icon as well as inside the candidate card once opened by an Admin or Recruitment Lead.

What do the other team members see?

Your colleagues who won’t have access to the restricted candidate will still be able to see that the person exists in their process, but will no longer be able to open or interact with the candidate card. The candidate is greyed out, and if trying to open it, they’ll see a gentle reminder that the candidate is restricted. It will look like so:

Is it possible to un-restrict a candidate?

If you’d like to make the candidate available for all users again, you simply go to the candidate card, click at the top of the page, and toggle off Restrict access.

Please note that all interaction with candidates when restricted will be available for all users once unrestricted.

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