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Structure your Teamtailor assets
Structure your Teamtailor assets

Better organization for your Message templates and Questions

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To help bring some structure to your Teamtailor account we have made it possible to associate a Message template or Question with a specific Department, Role, and/or Region/Location. This makes it possible to filter and group the assets to highlight the most relevant options and hide the irrelevant ones.

Organize your assets

Before getting started ensure you have set up your Departments/Roles and Locations/Regions.

Message templates

Go to SettingsTemplatesMessages and open/create a message template.

Scroll down to the Organization section to choose the criteria for this template. You can choose to associate the template with Departments/Roles/Regions/Locations. On each category, you will be able to choose one specific asset or all assets. For eg. you can associate the template with the department Marketing or make it associated with all departments.

Now I can go to a job that matches these criteria and open a candidate card in that process. If I click on Message templates under the Messages tab the associated template is highlighted and shown there:


Go to SettingsRecruitmentQuestions and open/create a question.

Once a question type has been chosen you will find the Organization section further down in the pop-up window. On each asset category, you will be able to choose one specific asset or all assets. For eg. you can associate the question with the department Sales and the role Sales Manager but make it available for all Locations/Regions.

After this is set up, the question will be highlighted in the list of existing questions under the Application step when creating/editing a job:

List of structured assets

The asset results shown in the list are presented with the following logic:

  1. Assets associated with the specific context (i.e. with the same Department/Role or Region/Location) are shown at the top of the list under the heading Best match.

  2. General assets that haven’t been associated with a specific Department/Role/Region/Location are shown below under the heading Others.

  3. Assets that have been associated with a different Department/Role/Region/Location criteria are not shown in the list at all.

So for example, if you are sending a message to a candidate in a job within the Product department, message templates that have been associated only with the Sales department will not be shown at all in this context. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for!

Currently, this feature is available for Message templates and Questions — but stay tuned for more 🚀

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