Want to display your jobs somewhere on your website? Simply insert a code on your site, and voilà – you'll display a great looking list of your jobs that lead to the ads on your career site. You'll find this right where you find our other widgets, under the three dots in the upper right corner (...) -> Settings -> Integrations -> Widgets.

Job feed

Start off by deciding which jobs you want to show in your widget.

  • Public - only show all jobs visable of your career site.
  • Internal - only show the jobs you marked as internal.
  • Public & Internal - show both public and internal jobs.

Available options

  • Department
    List only jobs from a specific department. Note: using this option will hide the department and location selects.
  • Department select
    Allow visitors to filter jobs by department.
  • Location select
    Allow visitors to filter jobs by location.
  • Open links in a new window
    Force links to open in a new window/tab.
  • Number of jobs
    Limit the number of jobs listed in the widget.

Multiple widgets

To have multiple widgets on the same page, just insert the div everywhere you want the widget to be displayed. Each widget can have different options since they are specified as data attributes on the div tag.

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