To send an email to several candidates, use our Bulk feature 😍

First, select the candidates you want to send the email to by clicking the circle next to the candidates name. By ticking the circle above the candidates, you select all of the, Then, click the ✉️ Message and compose the message. 

Choose if the message should be sent via Email or SMS, and the message will be sent to all the candidates at the same time. 

Send email

When composing the email, be even more efficient and use a message template. You can also write the email from scratch and also attach files and/or questions.

Send SMS

You can also choose to SMS several candidates at the same time. To do so, select SMS instead. If any of the selected candidates are missing a phone number, you will see a yellow warning. Check the Send as email if.... box, and the message will be sent to the candidate's email instead. 

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