Teamtailor provides notes to make your work easier and communicate with your hiring team to make better decisions. Use notes on the candidate profile to leave comments and feedback, schedule activities or to upload additional documents.
Notes are never seen by the candidate.


Adding notes takes place on the candidate’s profile. At the top right corner of every profile you’ll see a toolbox; Activities, Reviews, and Emails. Notes belong to the Activity feed, simply write your note and hit Post note. While adding a note you have the possibility to mention a team member and they’ve got your attention through the notification center, a smart way to maker better communication flow. 

Schedule note

You can schedule your note as an calendar activity. An easy way schedule interviews, plan meetings, collaborate with colleagues and coordinate other events. To schedule a note you simply hit Schedule with the calendar icon. Set up your day and time. You can also connect your calendar to Teamtailor.

Add attachments

Files can also be attached to notes. This is useful for uploading additional documentation like test assignments for example. Just click Attachment with the paperclip icon and select the file you want to attach. 

Private notes

While writing a note, you may want to hide sensitive notes from hiring team members. To make a private note click Private with the lock icon before adding the note. Private notes are only visible to the recruiter and admins. They are indicated with a lock icon in the activities feed.

Edit and delete notes

To edit a note just hover over the entry you made and want to edit and click the pen icon that appears, make your adjustment and hit Save note. To delete a note just hover over the entry you made and want to delete. Click the pen icon that appears and choose Delete note.

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