If you're recruiting within your team you might have job listings that only targets your employees. For this Internal jobs is perfect! 

A job posted as an Internal job will not be published on your career site for the world to find, but will still work as any other recruiting process. Instead, the job will be published for your employees' eyes only. 👀 

Employee dashboard

Your internal jobs will be published on your Employee dashboard, allowing your employees to apply for the positions. 

Job list widget

You can also create a Job list widget (with a list of jobs) to integrate on e.g your internal websites for your employees to find. On this widget you can chose to show internal and/or external jobs. Read more about the widget here

Making a job internal

To mark a job as Internal, simply click the small ball/globe in the bar at the bottom of the page before publishing. 

You can unmark the job to make it public and publish it on your career site at any time during the recruiting process.  

To active this feature, please reach out to our support team right away! 🎉-

💡 Tip to separate internal/external applications

To be able to separate your internal applicants in your candidate bank, why not us tags on the candidates applying to the internal jobs? Simply add a Trigger to the Inbox stage of the internal job and this is done for you! Read more about how to add a trigger here.

Under Candidates, you'll then be able to filter on the tag you created under Tags in the menu to the right. You'll then easily find all your internal applications. 

! Don't forget to remove the trigger if you decide to make to job public. 

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