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Integrate the Job list widget
Integrate the Job list widget

Display your jobs on your website

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Want to display your jobs somewhere on your website? Simply insert a code on your site, and voilà – you'll display a list of your jobs that lead to the ads on your career site. You'll find this right where you find our other widgets, by navigating to Settings -> Integrations -> Widgets.

When you generate this script, you have a few options, allowing you to customize this widget. Let’s talk more about these:

Job feed

Start off by deciding which jobs you want to show in your widget.


Include all externally published jobs


Include your internal job postings

Public & Internal

Include both public and internal jobs

Department / Location

When you’ve decided which type of jobs to include in this list, you can select if you want to limit this to a specific department and/or location. This means only jobs matching these filters are included.

Widget options

You will also be presented with some widget options, where you control what to include in this job list.

Department selector*

Allow visitors to filter jobs by department.

Role selector

Allow visitors to filter jobs by role.

Region select

Allow visitors to filter jobs by region.

Location select*

Allow visitors to filter jobs by location.

Open links in a new window/tab

Jobs in feed will be opened in another window/tab of your browser


Dividing the jobs into different pages. Will allow visitors to browse all available jobs.

Number of jobs

Decide how many jobs to include in your script, 1-30. If you’ve added Pagination, this is the number of jobs per page.

*these options are excluded if you limited jobs with Department/Filter in the previous step.

Generate widget

When you’re all set with your settings, simply click Generate widget and you’ll see the script. Copy and paste this one to where ever you want to include this list. It really is as simple as that!

Multiple widgets

To have multiple widgets on the same page, just insert the div everywhere you want the widget to be displayed. Each widget can have different options since they are specified as data attributes on the div tag.

Group solution - include jobs from all group companies

If you’re working with our Group solution, you can create a widget that includes jobs from all companies connected to the parent company.

Go to the Settings of the parent company. Here you’ll see two more settings than the ones listed above.

1. Group companies: decide if you want to include jobs from all child companies.

2. Widget options - Group company selector: this will allow your visitors to filter jobs by the company they are posted in.

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