Each job's recruitment process is unique and so are the stages within the process. That is why it is important to know how to set up the recruitment process and choose the right settings for it.

To start setting up the stages for the recruitment process, go to the job posting's editor and then to the tab Stages. 

Here you have the option to add new stages, remove them, move them around and edit them. Note that the Inbox and Hired stages are locked, ie. they cannot be removed, moved or edited.

Stage actions

Here, you’ll find an overview of what actions you can set on a stage.


More information

Add trigger

When candidate gets moved to stage, the trigger will be fired


Add guide time to stage

Set the max time the candidates should to stay in stage


Toggle anonymous mode
Mask candidates in this stage


Set a deadline


Set quick reject settings


By clicking the three dots at the right hand side of the stage, you will also be able to Rename and Remove the stage.

💡 Read more about Stage types here!

Rejected process

Similarly to the active process, triggers can be added to the rejected process. To get to the stages for the rejected process click on the Rejected button.

To learn more about creating a new job, click here 🎉 

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