What is a Cookie policy?

A cookie policy is a document where your visitors can read about the cookies that are activated on the site. This is to inform the visitor about what data is stored, and for what purpose. The cookie policy should also contain information on how the visitor can opt out from the cookies. 

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How to set up Cookies in Teamtailor

If you want to see your settings for cookies in Teamtailor, start by clicking on the tab Settings and under Data & Privacy, you will find Cookies.

Here you can see all the information about Cookies and choose in what way you want the cookie policy to be presented to the visitor. Your career site will collect data to provide your visitors with the best possible experience.

Cookies used on the career site

When viewing the Cookie setting page, you will be able to see the cookies used by default. Note that these cookies can’t be removed. If any of the third party providers you use have cookies of their own, then you need to add them to the appropriate category.

Strictly necessary

First, you’ll find the cookies labeled as Strictly necessary. These cookies are required and can’t be edited or deleted.

Cookies for Analytics

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the career site. This is a part of your console and can’t be disabled by you, but can be turned off by the user.

Cookies for marketing

These cookies are used to deliver ads that are more relevant to your visitors' interests.

Cookies for preferences

These cookies allow the career site to remember choices you make, and provide enhanced and more personalized features.

How to add cookie

If you want to add a cookie to any of the different section, click on + Add Cookie. Here you can choose a name for the cookie and a vendor. You can also add a description and if you wanna have a duration or session on the cookie.

Contact person for the cookie policy

You can choose a contact person for the cookie policy. The person will then appear in the cookie policy with their email address.

Collect cookie consent

There are two different ways for you to collect cookie consent from your visitors.

Standard cookie bar

This setting adds a bar at the bottom of the career site, and allows the visitors to use the site even with the bar on their screen.

Full screen takeover

An overlay appears on the career site, and prevents the visitors from using the site until the cookies are accepted.


No cookie bar is displayed on the career site and the cookies are automatically accepted by visitors. Please note that due to privacy laws, your visitors may needs to accept the cookies to be able to use them.

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