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Make communication easy and use email templates

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Here's to efficiency! Why write emails you send often time and time again when you can simply use email templates? Email templates are a great way to save time, and make it easier for your users to follow your communication guidelines.  

Create a Message template

To create a message template, head to SettingsMessage templates. This is where you can see and edit your Message templates, as well as create new ones. Please note that only Recruitment admins and Company admins are able to add and edit message templates.

To create a new Message template, click on + Message template and compose your template. This is also where you can edit existing templates. 

Default templates

You have three default templates on your account: Reply, Reject, and Connect

Default reply - this is the email that's the default "thank you for your application" email sent to candidates after they've submitted their application. You can edit this email for specific job ads. 

Reject - this is the default email sent when you reject a candidate with an email. You can edit this email for specific job ads. 

Connect - this email is sent as soon as a candidate Connects with your company. 

Use a Message template

Where ever you can message candidates, you'll find the option to use a message template. Just look for the little box icon 📥 or where it says Message template

For example, when you're emailing a single candidate, click the little box icon right beneath the message and select one of the templates. 

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