Candidate status

An overview on the different candidate statuses, such as Applied, Referred, and Lead.

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All your candidate will have one, or several, candidate statuses. Let’s take a closer look at them and what they show you:

💡 Find all candidates with a specific status by applying the Candidate status filter in your talent pool (the Candidates tab).


If the candidate made an application to one of your jobs, he/she will have the status Applied.


Candidates that connected with your company gets this status. Read more about Connect here.


Candidates that has been manually added into your system are called Sourced. You can read more this here.


When a visitor writes in your candidate chat, a candidate profile will be created for him/her and it will be assigned the status Lead. Think of it like it's a lead for a potential candidate. Learn more about the candidate chat here.


A candidate that has been referred/recommended by one of your colleagues can easily be found with their Referred status. Get more insight in referrals here.

Sourced externally

If you’re working with external recruiters, you’ll see this status on candidates added by an external recruiter. This filter appears under the the other External recruitment filters.

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