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It can be a challenge to find the perfect candidate for a role in such a competitive job market. Instead of looking at only one candidate at a time, there is a smarter and more efficient way to do it! The candidate comparison feature helps you compare candidates side by side to have a better view of their qualifications, experience, and skills. Beyond time efficiency, this tool is crafted to empower smarter decision-making.

How to set it up

To compare candidates, open a job so that you can see the stage view. There, click on the Bulk select symbol on the right-hand side of the screen and select the candidates you would like to compare. After that, go ahead and click on the Compare button. You can compare up to 50 candidates at once.

After clicking on Compare, you will see the chosen candidates and their information split into different categories. The first thing that will show up is the Candidate information. This includes information such as Rating, Resume Summary, Tags, Status and Notes

Display ratings from lowest to highest

You can set up ratings to be displayed from lowest to highest or from highest to lowest by simply clicking on the Rating tab.

Other information that will be available to compare is Custom fields, Scorecard, Questions, CV summaries, Ratings, but also Partner results, and the Job match score*.

Bulk select candidates

You can also bulk-select candidates to perform the normal bulk actions such as Tag, Pin etc.

Reveal candidates from anonymous mode

If anonymous mode is activated, you can choose to reveal the candidate's information by clicking on Bulk select on the right hand side, mark the candidates you wish to reveal and then click on the mask symbol.

How to pin candidates

If you would like to have some candidates always displayed when navigating through the comparison table, then the pin option is a perfect solution for this. To pin a candidate, head to the candidate in question and click on the Pin symbol.

Hide candidates from the comparison view

You also have the option to hide candidates, if you no longer want them to be included in the comparison. Simply click on the symbol with the eye on it, and the candidate will be excluded from the list.

*Note that Job match must be enabled in order to view it in the comparison. To activate Job match, view this article here.

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