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Default users guide to Teamtailor
Default users guide to Teamtailor

An overview of Teamtailor for a user with the access level Default users

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Hi, welcome to Teamtailor! We’re really happy to have you 👋 In this article, we’ve compiled the things we think would be great for you to know when you work with Teamtailor with the access level Default user.

As a Default user, we believe you have two main reasons to login to your Teamtailor: collaborate with a hiring team on a recruitment process, or help your company find the right people via the Employee dashboard.

Employee dashboard

Let’s start looking at the Employee dashboard! This is a fantastic place your you and the rest of your colleagues to collaborate on your recruitment processes.

What you can do here, the short version:

  • see and apply to job openings

  • share job openings to your network (and see your sharing stats)

  • refer people to open jobs (and follow the progress of your referrals)

🤓 What you can do here, the longer version can be found here.

Collaborate with your hiring team

Once you’ve been invited to join a recruitment process (added to the hiring team), you will gain access to the job via the Jobs tab in the top left corner of your account. On the Jobs page, you see all the jobs you have been invited to collaborate on. This is a great place to see an overview of the different processes, as well as accessing specific jobs. Do so by clicking on the title of a specific job!

This is where the magic (by that, I mean recruitment) happens ✨ All candidates that apply to the job are listed in the different stages, giving you a clear overview of the current state of your collaboration.

When viewing there’s a lot you can see just looking at the process to get an immediate overview of the specific setup of your process, with everything from the order of the process to the dedicated stage settings. Make sure to get familiar with the settings of the specific recruitment to ensure you and the team work in the same way.

💡 On these two stages, you can imminently see that:

  • the stages has a deadline assigned, and the deadline has passed

  • the inbox stage has anonymous mode enabled, hiding personal data for an unbiased recruitment

  • the reviewing stage contains a trigger, which is an automated action that is fired when the candidate is added into the specific stage.

Manage a candidate

When a candidate applies to one of your job openings, they are added to the job’s process. To review a candidate, click their name to open the Candidate profile.

In the candidate's profile, you can manage everything related to the specific candidate. Here you will be able to do everything from reviewing the candidate's answers and documents, collaborating with your hiring team in notes, inviting them to meetings, and communicating with the candidate, and much more.

📚 For your convenience, you find some articles here with good-to-know info on how to manage a candidate:


Make the collaboration in the process even easier by making yourself familiar with Collaborate! This is where you and the other hiring team members can discuss the process in one place. You find this option at the top-right in the process, and you can learn the details of this feature here.

Work more efficiently with the bulk features

Don’t you just love working efficiently? I know I do, and this is why the bulk feature is among my favorite features. This option allows you to manage several candidates at once. This means you can message several candidates at once, move them to another stage in the process, assign a todo, etc.

To utilize the bulk feature, click Bulk select in the top-right, mark the candidates you wish to manage, and use the action in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Role limitations

As a default user, there will be some stuff that you are unable to do based on limitations in your Teamtailor access role. If you come across a greyed-out option, this is one of these limitations. As an example, as a default user you will not have access to edit any settings linked to the job (such as unpublish the job or add any automation/triggers). If you want to update these settings, please ask the other hiring team members.

The candidate tab/access your candidate bank

If you have been added to a Team (a great and seamless way for your admin users to grant you access to the right segment of candidates disregarding the candidate’s submitted application) you will see the additional Candidate tab in your main menu.

Here you see your candidate bank, which contains all the candidates you have access to. This is a great place for you to have an overview of your available talents.

📚 Learn how to work with Candidate filters to explore your candidate database.

Please note, if you are unable to see the Candidate tab it is because you have not been given access to a Team yet.

Your profile settings

To make sure you get the most out of your Teamtailor user, I recommend you to take a look at your profile settings. More on these settings can be found here. My suggestion is that you prioritize:

  1. create your public profile so your potential future coworkers can get to know you

  2. review your notification settings

  3. connect your calendar to make it the candidate meeting process super smooth.

Need more help?

Getting to know a new system can be tricky, but don’t you worry - me and my colleagues in the support team is here for you. You’ll find us in the chat inside the tool and on

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