Set up the structure

In settings, you will be able to manage your account and the structure.

Set the structure for Connect with departments, roles, and questions. Here you can read more.

Show your candidates where your offices are located. When candidates Connect to your company they can choose what location they prefer. Further information is found here.

Message templates
Ensure that you have personalized your message templates so you communicate with your candidate in your tone and voice. Make it stand out, personal and fun! 

Job templates
Create different job templates for different kinds of jobs to streamline your recruiting process.

Set up your GDPR-settings

Invite your colleagues in bulk or one by one and understand the different roles in the system. Your colleagues will get an invitation to Teamtailor to create their own password and profile.

Show the people section on your career site and candidates will be able to see your employees.

Connect your calendar
Connect your calendar to be able to use the smart scheduling feature and book interviews with your candidates in the tool.

Use your own domain
Use your own domain for your career site and get your company's name in your domain. Read more about you set up your CNAME here.

Create your career site

When you start to work on your career site, start small! The career site should always be a work in progress and constantly be changing as your company grows and develops. It's better to focus on having good content in a few parts and add blocks bit by bit. Start with the most important parts and the sections you feel most passionate about before you launch your career site.

We recommend you work with your text in a different document and later paste it into Teamtailor when you feel ready. When you press save in Teamtailor it's live on your career site so make sure you are happy with your content before you enter it into Teamtailor. In Global design you can choose the colors, fonts, and more you want for your career site.

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