To publish a job ad should be easy and smooth. Our new design gives you and your colleagues a better overview and a comfortable flow of the process.

When you publish a new job ad it will be a seamless experience where you choose your Hiring Team, which Stages you want in your recruitment flow, and all the other features connected to your job ad.

Job posting: This is where you write your job ad. Titel, description, departments, locations and the future colleagues. Be creative and have fun!
Application: Here is where you specify what information is mandatory and optional when the candidate applies for the job.
Candidate Chat: Activate the candidate chat to reach hard to get candidates. Read more about it here.
Stages: Create the right recruitment flow for this recruitment by adding and editing stages.
Hiring Team: Invite colleagues to be a part of this recruitment and finding your next talent.
Interview scorecards: Add scorecards with criterias to use in interviews with candidates.

Job status

Draft: With a draft you can prepare to publish your job ad. When you click on Save Draft the job ad will not be published, it will only be saved in the tool for you and your team.

Publish: When you click on Publish the job ad will be published on your Career site, and your team will be notified via email about the new job ad. After this, you can work forward with promote and distribute your job ads.

Unlist: Unlist the job ad from the beginning and you can use this for internal recruiting, you can also choose Unlist for a job ad that are Published to remove the job ad from your career site. When it's Unlisted you can continue working with the recruiting process.

Archived: Archive your job ad when you are done with the recruiting and don't want to work with the process any longer. When the job is archived it will still be in the system with all the candidates, but you will not see it under Jobs - Current. It will now be under Jobs - Archived.

Different functions

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